Janelle K Sarauw

Senator, 33rd Legislature of the United States Virgin Islands
Janelle K. Sarauw, current Senator and strong advocate for a progressive US Virgin Islands, was re-elected to the 33rd Legislature on November 6, 2018. 
During her first term, Senator Sarauw legislated bills which sought to promote and provide for the Territory’s youth, workforce, environment, culture and economy. One signature legislation, now law, was the State Apprenticeship bill which was an integral part of the Virgin Islands Department of Labor becoming recognized as a State Apprentice Agency. This means more resources for the development and enhancement of certified job training programs, and ultimately the expansion of the skilled labor force.


An active Chairman of the Committee on Workforce Development, Consumer Affairs and Culture in the 32nd Legislature, Senator Sarauw has also championed the cause of the consumer, particularly post-storms, and rallied for greater accountability, transparency, innovation, representation, and revenue generation through the legislation of the “Carnival Bill” which seeks to create a Division of Festivals under the Department of Tourism.


Beyond legislation, Senator Sarauw has created opportunities to make an immediate impact on her beloved community -- working collaboratively with other public leaders and private entities. Recognizing the diminishing quality of life for those in the Territory and the number of vacancies throughout the sectors, one such collaborative project was the “Putting People to Work” job fair initiative developed for both districts. Another project aimed at showcasing and raising funds for the music and arts programs in the public schools, was the Sounds of the Virgin Isles.

A firm believer that it is important to be the first example of what one seeks, Senator Sarauw modeled transparency and accountability and was noted for being the only office to release monthly financial reports, staying true to her demand for a more transparent and accountable government. Reports, bills, town halls and the overall activities of the office have been disseminated to the public via social media platforms, Press Releases, and the Senator’s website.
Senator Janelle K. Sarauw was born on St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands and is the younger of two children to Levron and Carla Sarauw. An alumna of the Charlotte Amalie High School, the Senator also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in Global Governance; Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Science with a minor in History from Florida Atlantic University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a certificate in Servant Leadership from Gonzaga University. She is also a US Government Certified Grant Writer. Prior to becoming a Senator, she was an educator at the Charlotte Amalie High School, a Coordinator for the Virgin Islands Department of Sports, Parks and Recreation, Chief Researcher and Special Assistant for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and a part-time professor of Political Science at the University of the Virgin Islands. She has also sat on various boards, and as a former Division I athlete and volleyball coach, is the co-founder of Sky High Volleyball Club. Of all her titles, one of her favorites is being a culture-bearer, bringing the culture of the Virgin Islands to many as a mocko jumbie for over 20 years.
The Senator’s passion for service, her community, education, and excellence, combined with her leadership skills has left a positively unique mark in the 32nd Legislature and a greater motivation within her to continue the work set out before the 33rd Legislature. Senator Janelle K. Sarauw firmly believes that the United States Virgin Islands is ready for young, invigorating leadership and vision that will prosperously propel the Territory into the future.