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Economic Diversification

- Cannabis legalization and
- Incremental gross receipts
- Transitioning from gross to
   sales tax
- Revise antiquated Probate

Education / Recreation

- Re-establish Apprenticeship
- Ensure a quality Academic
   School Year
- Data driven policies
- Accountability for the Paul

  E.  Joseph Stadium



- Source Separation to 

  manage Territory’s waste 

  and phase out landfill
- Funding for environmental  
  educational initiatives


- Restructure GERS
- Timely government 

- Require sound investments

  by Financial experts
- Identify revenue streams

  specifically for funding



- Monthly Financial Reports
- Regular office updates
- Town Halls / Public       

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For a printable copy of Senator Sarauw's platform, click on the link below.

Legislation Introduced/Coauthored


As the freshman Senator, Senator Sarauw introduced and coauthored a total of 36 bills and amendments, which can be found at ( Two of the Senator’s top priorities were the Apprenticeship bill, Bill No. 32-0179, now Act 8063, which amended the VI Code related to apprenticeship standards, authorizing and mandating the Dept. of Labor to promulgate regulations pursuant to becoming a recognized State Apprentice Agency ; and Act No. 8027 which amended Act 7866 to attain 5 vehicles for Dept. of Sports, Parks and Recreation: (2) STT, (2) STX, and (1) STJ.

Additional Accomplishments

  • Immediately organized distribution drives after Hurricanes Irma and Maria distributing over 30 tons of donated supplies.

  • Reached out to the telecommunication service providers Sprint, AT&T, and Viya post-storms and secured over 100k in payment forgiveness from AT&T and Sprint.

  • Created Harvest Festival to provide “normalcy” for children after the storms and established a book drive to help replenish books for the public school libraries.

  • Provided school supplies to Ulla Muller through an initiative with Natalie Day, Pro. Basketball Player.

  • Guest lectured students on the branches of government at the BCB and All Saints Cathedral Schools.

  • Addressed living conditions through property managers at various apartment complexes.

  • Organized Miracle in the Garden when Miracle on Main Street was initially canceled, which gave residents the opportunity to enjoy the holiday festivities and provided merchants economic opportunities.

  • Organized Sounds of the Virgin Isles to raise funds and awareness for the public schools’ music and art programs. Over $7,000 was raised and Lorna L. Freeman was awarded the 2018 Musical Ambassador Honoree.

  • Organized Stenographer Day where students from CAHS, IEKHS, and CHS (STX) were engaged by the Legislature and Court Stenographers to explore a possible career in stenography.

  • Recognized by NBC’s Pride30 for being the youngest female senator in the U.S. Virgin Islands.