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There are a lot of issues to be addressed, but we are committed to tackling some of the most severe problems these US Virgin Islands are currently facing.


Senator Sarauw will focus on structural deficiencies across multiple areas while locating and implementing new sources of revenue to fund the projects.


It will be a tiered approach where each facet will have accountability for monies and action.


We will review and restructure, where applicable, our government processes to create a more efficient work environment and better use of human capital.
Begin departmental auditing and increase government transparency.
We will also look at appropriating funds for an independent Performance Based Management Office.


We need to take a good hard look at our election system.
We have significant issues with our codes and the entities that regulate them.
An overhaul of the board is a great place to begin looking for ways to streamline and police our election system.


We have always been a supporter of the Virgin Islands Freedom Schools Initiative.
By looking at restructuring Title 17 (Education code) we will create a more efficient and empowered school system.
Our economic diversification and town revitalization goals will help in developing outlets for Prevention and Early Intervention Programs for our Youth. Those and some non-legislative initiatives Senator Sarauw has planned this year will begin to close the gap of $70 million in deferred maintenance of public schools. 


There is no Medicaid certified senior housing on St. Thomas with Seaview losing its designation. By getting the certification, the government can cut cost by up to 45% for senior living arrangements.
We will also work hard on solutions for health coverage of all Virgin Islanders


We need a Probate Judge. The sheer amount of blighted buildings in our cities are ripe for economic development and we must be the catalyst for that change.
We can look at creating incubator programs to cultivate the metropolitan areas of our islands.
Diversify the offerings and begin to look at global trends.
Incentivize our native as well as transplant population to start new businesses that boast art, culture, and experiences to the new traveler.


It goes without saying that a robust private sector coupled with a strong and transparent government will lead to economic prosperity. We must utilize the system we already have in place through the EDA in better ways to promote growth within our economic community.
We can restructure the tax system, allowing businesses more capacity to create jobs and
build incubator programs through our Town Renaissance initiative that can house burgeoning new business with little overhead.


The island is small, and with limited landmass, we must take a good and hard look at our waste production.
Much of our economy is tourism, and we will lose a significant part of that industry if we continue to destroy our product.
Many strides have been made already to begin to curtail these problems but more can be done and will be done.
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