"Sounds of the Virgin Isles"

This annual fundraising event is to raise awareness and funding to the music and arts programs in the public schools. Through CFVI you can continue to donate.

Productivity has been nonstop in the office of Senator Sarauw. On the agenda, the Senator and her office established the Legislature’s first Stenographer Day, “Putting People to Work” Job Fair, which brought employers and job seekers together on various job opportunities on St.Thomas, created a book drive to replenish the public school libraries, and chaired the Committee of Workforce Development, Consumer Affairs and Culture, to name a few.

In an effort to revitalize tourism to the Territory, Senator Sarauw along with members of the Legislature traveled to Florida to attend the annual Seatrade Conference. While there, members were exposed to the latest information and trends in the cruise ship industry. Back at the office, Senator Sarauw’s staff along with the Department of Education would continue preparation for one of the biggest events to be held later in the month.

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